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  • For use in a full sized (not mini), low temperature rated glue gun (0.43")
  • 8-10 impressions per stick with 3/4" diameter stamp
  • Shiny finish
  • Flexible and strong enough for mailing

Faux Sealing Wax is a plastic sealing wax that will stay adhered to the smoothest of papers, and will not crack or smear during mailing.

Faux Wax is a very strong holding product & can easily hold onto your seal stamp;  we recommend one uses an ice pack (or our non stick product) during production to easily release your sealing coin.

As an added bonus, this holds a FDA certification for contact with food, which has made it very popular for topping wines, beers, and other food packaging.

FDA Regulation #21CFR175.105 for food packaging / Made in the USA

If you need a seal that will crack or break for opening,
please view our breakable sealing wax category.

☛ Please note: changing wax colors in your glue gun can take at least 2 sticks to complete.
The wax will melt into a pooling chamber within the gun, and new colors will mix with the old, until enough new wax color runs true.

➢ This can create some fun combinations if you plan out your colors!

➢ If it is important for colors to not mix, you may wish to consider:
- Dedicating one glue gun to one color.
- Cutting pieces of lesser used colors to melt in our melting spoon.


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