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Wax Non Stick

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Wax Non Stick Pad

Our 8"x8" Wax Pad is a wonderful tool during wax seal production.

This is a non stick silicone pad - waxes and faux waxes peel right off of the pad.

We use this in studio on a daily basis;
* we put our glue guns on it to catch drips
* it works great for placing a hot melting spoon during production
* we create test seals on the pad so that we can remove them without damage
* when creating seals for later use, we create seals on the pad, peel them off, and apply glue or adhesives for the final project.

Helpful hint - store your pad in a large zip-top bag to keep lint and dust from sticking to it.

If your pad becomes dirty, you can easily wash with dish soap and warm water and place on a plate to dry.

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