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Sealing Waxes - Breakable Waxes

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These traditional formula waxes are meant to break when the seal is opened.

These waxes are not mailable, but are ideal for hand delivered notes, packages, and gifts. 

We have opened our boxed stock of J.Herbin Cire Banque sticks to make them available for purchase by single sticks....
30 reviews

From $ 9.50

J. Herbin Cire Banque is the standard in sealing waxes, andhas remained unchanged since 1670. 10 sticks per original J.Herbin...
6 reviews

From $ 80.00

J. Herbin Cire Nacree is a pearlescent sealing wax created with uplifting colors for celebration. Ideally suited for birthdays, weddings,...
2 reviews

$ 21.50
Sold Out

Each stick is 7.87" | 20cm in length | Sold per stick Please estimate 15-20+ seals per stick. Very strong...
6 reviews

$ 8.00

Extra long sticks, measuring 8.75" (22cm) long.  Banker's Wax Traditional Sealing Wax has been popular since 1752.  Banker's wax is a...
12 reviews

$ 15.00

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