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Sealing Waxes - Glue Gun Format

Glue Gun application allows one to create seals very quickly and easily upon demand.
Large scale production can be done without much fuss & mess, and in a quarter of the time
as traditional flame melting methods.
One can use these in a glue gun, or melting with a flame as a wickless stick.
To Use With Glue Gun
1. Insert your wax stick into standard sized glue gun.
Use a second wax stick in the gun to help advance the first.

2. Bring the gun to temperature.
3. One good pull of the trigger will produce enough wax for a 1" stamp.
4. Waiting for 10-15 seconds before you emboss the wax with you seal will create better definition in the wax.
Experiment to find the correct waiting period for the conditions in your area.

5. Dab your seal into our Seal Non-Stick (or Highlighting Ink for a dimensional look) to prevent the seal sticking to the sealing wax.
6. Emboss with your seal and lift straight up.

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