Stamp Cooling Ice
Stamp Cooling Ice

Stamp Cooling Ice Pack

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We highly recommend using frozen ice packs to help cool down seals when using very strong bonding waxes*, and when producing a larger quantity of seals.  (Ice pack pattern may be different than pictured).

When embossing hot wax, the heat will transfer from the melted wax into the seal.  
Sealing wax will adhere to a warm stamp face unless one chills the stamp, or uses our non stick product or highlighting ink as a releasing agent.

A chilled seal stamp will help the hot wax set quickly and will help prevent waxes from sticking to the stamp.

  • Ice Packs are Non-toxic, Reusable, & Made in the USA!
  • Once frozen, it will stay well chilled for hours
  • Dimensions: 6 x 4.5 x 0.75 Inch | Designs will vary
  • Store in your freezer so it is ready when you are!

If you are doing a large-scale production of seals, you may consider having two ice packs on hand. Your production will be more streamlined if you are able to rotate out a pack as it begins to warm & melt.


* Strong bonding waxes would be ones such as Faux Wax and Waterstons Wax.

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