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Black sealing wax beads - vegan and food grade for packaging.

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1lb Bead Sealing Wax

Purchase 1lb quantities of our Sealing Wax Beads and save with wholesale pricing.
Packaged in 1lb | 16oz bags.

To use sealing wax beads, quickly melt three to four beads in a melting spoon over a flame, and pour the wax right onto your project.

Each 16oz package will create roughly 400 seals when used with a 3/4" sealing coin.
Average is based on use of 3 beads worth of wax per seal.

Our line of bead wax is manufactured completely in the USA,
is lead free, and is FDA certified for direct contact with food,
making it the ideal wax for bottle tops and food package labeling.
(FDA Status: This product is in compliance with Federal Regulations 21CFR- 172.886 and 21CFR-178.3710.)

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