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Melting Spoons | Wax Melting Tools

Melt small batches of wax easily over a flame.

Combine and marble colors for extra effects!


Create seals on our Wax Non Stick Pad to re-use waxes, or create self adhesive seals.

This mini sealing wax melting spoon is exactly what a small wax seal kit needs for creating wax seals on...

From $ 4.00

Easily melt your favorite sealing waxes with our candle powered sealing wax melter + melting spoon. The spoon diameter will...

From $ 16.50

Our melting spoon easily holds enough wax for our large 1.1" - 2" round seals. At 8.5" long, the long...

From $ 12.50

Soy Candle 2 reviews
Having a ready flame easily helps when creating wax seals. The flame can help quickly light, and relight, wick wax...

$ 1.50

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