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LetterSeals.com is a family, home-based business in Washington State, USA.

Our Story

Hello, I’m Karen, and welcome to our corner of the internet!

I founded LetterSeals.com online in 1997 as a way to be creatively employed, and still be home with my two young sons. Since our first moments online, LetterSeals.com has grown, bringing along our close family of partnered wax and seal creators from around the globe. All of us have been striving to keep alive the traditional waxes and methods, as well as inventing and embracing new methods and materials. We are a small company of family, working to provide you with the service and products you need for any (and every) occasion.


Erik & Cheryl are an integral part of LetterSeals.com. Not only are they my parents (!), they help out on a daily basis to meet customer orders and creations. Erik creates all of our custom seals, as well as our made-to-order seal lines. He works all hours in his shop, designing, engraving, and polishing customer creations - all to be sent around the world. His creations are impressive! (pun intended)!

Cheryl's early morning hours, rising with the sun, help us to get your treasures on their way to you or your recipient as quickly as possible. She adds a special touch to each and every shipment, from us to you!

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Where to Start

There are so many new wax seal products and ideas for using them, it can be hard knowing where to start exactly. Hopefully we can help take some of the guessing out of selecting what you are looking for. When creating wax seals, you need three tools to start with…

1. Wax Seal Stamps

Do you want a single initial, two to three initials, or a design?

2. Sealing Waxes

Do you want the wax to be mailable on the outside of a letter?

Should the wax crack when opened / flexed / tampered with?

Are you packing food items or sealing bottles, and require a food rated wax? 

Please note, postal offices use many automated machines for stamp
canceling and sorting. These machines could potentially smear/remove wax
seals, even if these are mailable waxes. Please consider using your
seal on the inside of your mailing to avoid seal damage, or additional
mailing/handling costs from your postal office.

3. Wax Application

Wick style wax lit with a flame is perfect for a few seals at a time, or for giving as a gift.  All one needs in addition is a match or lighter.

A production run of 10+ seals at a time would greatly benefit from the speed, ease, and cleanliness of the glue gun method. Waxes molded to fit a glue gun allow you to quickly "point and shoot" your wax exactly where you need it. This is very fast, and eliminates the possible contamination of soot from a wick.

Melting Pots and Melting Spoons allow you to melt down bulk wax, or pieces of wax - blend to create new colors.