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Sealing Wax Melter + Melting Spoon | Sealing Wax Furnace

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$ 16.50

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Easily melt your favorite sealing waxes with our candle powered sealing wax melter + melting spoon.

The spoon diameter will easily hold enough wax for our largest,
2" diameter seals.

Melting Spoon
Wooden Base
1 Soy Tea Candle

Add more candles for $1.50ea

1. Place 3 or more wax beads, or a small amount of broken bits of wax sticks, into the spoon and hold over the heat until the wax just melts to a thick honey like consistency.
If the wax is melted until very liquid, it will be too thin, and not take a good impression.
2. Pour the melted wax onto your project and emboss with seal.
Waiting a few moments before embossing may create better definition in the wax. 
Experiment to find the correct waiting period for the conditions in your area. - It is easy to create practice seals on parchment paper or a silicone mat, then remelt the wax in the melting spoon to use again. 
- Create new colors and marbling effects by melting colors together.

To clean the Melting Spoon:

Warm the spoon if cool to soften/melt wax residue, and wrap inside a doubled-up paper towel (grabbing the spoon with the paper towel works best).
Spin and rub the spoon inside the towel as you push the towel into the areas you are cleaning.

All wax and soot is easily removed with this method - depending on the amount of residue you are removing you may find you will need to rewarm the spoon or use a paper towel or two.

Be careful of any hot wax on the paper towel!

 - Use ANY sealing wax with this method - wick, glue gun, beads, wickless.

Just cut your stick to fit the spoon, and spoon out any wicks once melted.

- Use a soy tea candle to prevent soot from coating the spoon (1 included).


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United States United States
I recommend this product
Cute little set up

The candle that came with the furnace snuffed out when I set the spoon down. I swapped it out with a smaller tea light and it works perfectly now! It's really enjoyable to watch the wax melt and makes my seals so much more fun. Sealing Wax Melter + Melting Spoon | Sealing Wax Furnace Review
Eddie K.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Great Wax, Beautiful Stove!

My whole experience was excellent. I bought a round of wax on Etsy and really liked the product so I went to the direct online store. The store was easier to navigate than Etsy and I was able to filter by use and get a better idea of colors before purchasing. The product shipped fast and I tested it out immediately. The stove I purchased was AWESOME. No more melting wax in an old kitchen spoon like a junky, haha. The wax stamped great and shipped clean (no smearing). Thanks so much!

United States United States
I recommend this product
I love my little wax melting setup!

I had wanted to purchase something like this for a long time and finally had enough of a need to do it. I wanted to purchase from a small shop, which is actually a little difficult to find--I was originally searching for this product on Etsy, thinking I could find it from an artisan whom I could support, and instead, all I found were vague, large companies selling these out of China but advertising on Etsy...not the route I wanted. I'm so pleased I found and that I purchased this product from them. It came quickly, everything was perfectly packaged (and really cute packaging, I might add) and felt personalized. I very much appreciated the information booklet included with the wax melter that answered some questions I had about it. My only complaint about the product is that I had thought that these devices worked if you set the spoon completely in the holder and the wax could melt on its own without me holding the spoon over the flame. However, the holder is short enough and the votive candle is tall enough that if I let the spoon completely rest, the spoon snuffs out the flame, defeating the whole purpose. This isn't enough of a detriment to me to want to return the product at all, but it is not quite what I was anticipating. Despite that, I will happily order from this company again!

Abby D.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Smaller than expected

This was a bit smaller than I expected. I couldn't rest the melting spoon over the flame, as that snuffed out the candle. I can't put much into the spoon and then control the pouring. However, I am still happy to receive this product. I appreciated the sealing wax FAQ pamphlet that came with it.

Dana T.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Since I bought this the melting furnace, my seals are so much prettier, cleaner. So happy I splurged for this. Much easier. Easy to clean. Not messy at all.

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