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Faux Sealing Wax -

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Faux Sealing Wax - 1lb

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Faux (pronounced /ˈfoʊ/, like "foe") is a French word for false or fake.
It is often used in English phrases such as faux pearls.

Purchase 1lb/color quantities of our Faux Wax and save with wholesale pricing.
1lb (16oz) of Faux Wax is roughly 50 sticks.

Faux Sealing Wax is one of our products which has modernized the use of sealing wax.
Molded to fit into a standard sized glue gun, faux wax is easy to apply with precision.

Faux Sealing Wax is a plastic polymer that will stay adhered to the smoothest of papers,
and will not crack or smear during mailing.
It has a wonderful shiny finish, and is pliable enough
to withstand quite a deal of postal handling.
It is a very strong holding product,
so we recommend one use non-stick, or ice, during production to easily release your sealing coin.

If you need a seal that will crack or break for opening,
please view our actual wax sealing products.

* For use in a full sized, low temp glue gun
* One 4"x7/16" stick will create roughly 8-10 3/4" seals.

☛ Please note: changing wax colors with a glue gun takes a bit of wax to complete.
The wax will melt into a pooling chamber within the gun, and new colors will mix with the old,
until enough new wax can be run through to clear the color.

➢ This can create some fun combinations if you plan out your colors!

➢ If it is important for colors to not mix, you may wish to consider:
- Dedicating one glue gun to one color.
- Cutting pieces of lesser used colors to melt in our melting spoon.
- Using the glue gun wax as a wickless sealing wax and melting near a flame.

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