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Stuart Houghton Chrome Design<br> Wax Seal

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Stuart Houghton Chrome Design
Wax Seal Stamps

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The Stuart Houghton Sealing Wax & Seals line was originally
created in 1845 by George Tibbins of Birmingham, Great Britain.

We are very pleased to be able to offer this fine line of seals and waxes for shipment around the world.

Each seal is a solid metal piece, without any seams or welded areas.
These have a 1/2 inch diameter face and stand a little over 1 inch tall.
(1.27cm x 2.54cm)

You may choose to purchase each seal with a stick of Stuart Houghton Wax in one of four colors, or choose to not purchase wax.
If you choose to purchase without wax, the cart will deduct $2.80 from the cost of the item.
We include a presentable gift pochette with each seal.

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