Stamp Polishing
Stamp Polishing

Stamp Polishing Cloth

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Say goodbye to dull and dingy stamps! Our Stamp Polishing Cloth will help you shine 'em right up! Made to help shine up brass and aluminum, it will polish away tarnish and helps reduce light scratches so you can bring your favorite stamps back to life.

The first step to brightening up your stamps is to gently wash your stamp with a mild dish soap and a non-scratch cloth or sponge to remove any built-up ink or non-stick residue.

Once your stamp is dry, use this cloth by scrubbing, twisting, and rubbing the stamp - as if you are trying to free a genie from its bottle.

The cloth will discolor as you use it, but you can continue to use it.

Wash the cloth in a mild detergent - if you throw it in with your laundry, be sure to not use fabric sofener.

Color may vary.

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Our house brand sealing waxes and wax seal stamps are made in our Seattle area studio.

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