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Letteresals.com bead sealing wax colors
Letteresals.com bead sealing wax colors
Letteresals.com bead sealing wax colors

Jewel Sealing Wax Beads 1oz

Regular price$ 7.50

Created in the traditional recipe format, with a flexible modern twist - each sealing wax color is vibrant, mailable, strong, and flexible for rough handling.

Made with a beeswax base, and strengthened with traditional resins, this sealing wax will hold up to the rigors of handling and posting.

☞ Choose from 49 gorgeous colors from the menu options.
☞ Pricing is per ounce of a single color.

Two to three beads are enough wax for a 3/4" stamp impression.

Our 1oz packages will create approximately 40 seals when used with a 3/4" diameter stamp face.

These colors may come as a larger heart-shaped bead:
- Lilac, Cornflower, Nutmeg, and Cardamom

Melt in our melting spoon over a flame to quickly create a seal - mix colors to create new shades or swirling effects.

Use with our sealing wax melter for easy desktop use. 


jewel sealing wax beads letterseals.com

Jewel sealing wax beads letterseals.com

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made in Seattle,USA

Our house brand sealing waxes and wax seal stamps are made in our Seattle area studio.

The European sealing waxes, wax seal stamps, and stationery lines we offer are directly imported.

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