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Double Faced Adhesive for Wax Seals -

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Double Faced Adhesive for Wax Seals

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Sold in sets of 25 stickers

Our round, double faced adhesive stickers are
what we use in our studio to create our own self adhesive seals.

Create your wax seal on a non-stick surface, such as
- glue gun non stick pad
- baking parchment
- back side of silpat or silicone baking items

You will then have a complete seal you can apply the adhesive backing to.

We have adhesives that work best on either true/actual wax and faux wax,
please be sure to choose which option will work best for you.

A specialized plastic sealing product, for use in glue gun.
This is the product we most commonly use for creating our own line of self adhesive seals.

All of our other waxes would fall into this category,
from Glue Gun Sealing wax, to wick sealing waxes and sealing wax beads.

In theory, these are strong enough to withstand the rigors of mailing - however, postal machines may smear your seal, or actually remove it.  Please consider using your seal within an envelope if you are mailing it.



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