Waxing About Wax

Halloween Top Hat

A new installment in the Halloween themed order packaging!


  1. I first laid down a strip of washi tape, pressing firmly to make sure it was in full contact with the envelope.
  2. In my glue gun, I alternated sticks of Black, Aqua, and Gold JEWEL GLUE GUN WAX to create a purple/blue/black swirl seal. (cutting the sticks into smaller pieces allows for more color swirling).
  3. The hot wax was applied with a GLUE GUN over the washi tape, then embossed with our Halloween Top Hat design.  (I used a 2" diameter stamp).
  4. After the wax was cool, I detailed the raised areas with a GOLD HIGHLIGHTING PEN.


Washi Tape

Halloween Design Wax Seal Stamps

Fall Design Wax Seal Stamps

Aqua, Black + Gold Glue Gun Sealing Wax / Alternate stick colors in glue gun

Highlighting Pen

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