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Make Self Adhesive Seals

Would you like to create your own self adhesive seals?

It is fast and easy to do - you just need the right materials on hand.

We suggest the following items to use with your favorite wax seal stamp:

Glue Gun  for fast and easy wax application
Glue Gun Sealing Wax choose your favorite style & color
Silicone Glue Gun Pad create your seals on the pad directly, allow seals to cool, then easily peel them up.
Cold Pack  cool your stamp during production to prevent wax from sticking to it.
Double Sided Adhesive the most important part!  Choose the best adhesive for your type of wax.



    ➳ We are taking a mid-winter break with the kids.😀

    Order by Feb. 13th for items to ship before we close.

    We will resume shipping & custom production on February 27th.
    (closed Feb 14 - Feb 26).