Waxing About Wax

Sealing Wax Colorways

For awhile now, we have have been creating sealing wax colorways based on wax stamp design themes.  These sets a fun and popular way to create an all-in-one wax sealing set.

We select four colors of wax to fit our stamp design theme, and the set is complete, customizable with your selection of wax format and stamp design.

Are mermaids your jam?  Come see our collection of ocean colored waxes paired with your choice of mermaid wax stamp.

Craving some springtime colors?  Our floral designs are paired with fresh blushing colors evoking life bursting in the garden. 

You select:

  • Sealing wax format (beads, wick sticks, glue gun sticks)
  • A wax stamp style in your choice of design from the theme
  • Any additional tools you may need for melting the wax.

More colorways are coming - select from our sets, or use them as a guide when selecting your own materials.

Pair with matching stationery colors and a correspondence set is complete!

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