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New Winter & Holiday Colorway for Hanukkah and Christmas

Winter frost wax seal stamp and sealing wax colorway kit letterseals.com
Presenting our Winter Frost Wax Seal and Sealing Wax Ensemble! ❄️✨ Immerse yourself in the cozy ambiance of the season with a palette inspired by the chilly wonders of winter – think frosty blues, shimmering white and silver. Deck out your holiday cards, festive invitations, and winter decorations with enchanting stamps showcasing seasonal delights such as snowflakes, evergreen trees, sleighs, and more. Elevate the spirit of celebration with our specially curated wax collection for your winter holidays.
  • Base pricing begins with the winter or holiday design and stamp style you prefer.
  • Add your choice of sealing wax style and set quantities. 
    - Pricing will vary based on wax format and how many sets of wax you select.
    - Each wax set includes one of each of the four colors, in your choice of format. *
  • Select any tools for melting your wax to round out your set.

We are offering our popular Jewel Sealing waxes in your choice of format:
* Wick
* Bead
* Large Glue Gun
* Mini Glue Gun

Winter frost wax seal stamp designs and sealing wax colorway kit letterseals.com

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