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Fall Mushroom Colorway Stamp & Sealing Wax Set | Made in USA

🌿🍁 Embrace the natural beauty of the season with our Fall Colorway, featuring Moss Green, Aminita Red, Perle, and Cedar. 🍂🍎

These earthy hues will infuse your autumn greetings with warmth and charm. Choose your stamp style and let the creativity flow! 💌🍂

Select your style, color, and quantities to make each message a work of art. 🕯️🍃

Complete the set with the tools you need for expert wax sealing. 🍂✨

  • Base pricing begins with the stamp style you prefer.
  • Add your choice of sealing wax style, color, and quantities. 
  • - Pricing will vary based on format and quantity.
  • Select any tools for melting your wax to round out the set.

Select a stamp with a fall design of your choice, and add up to four options of sealing wax in the format type & color you prefer.  

We are offering our popular Jewel Sealing waxes in your choice of format:
* Wick
* Bead
* Large Glue Gun
* Mini Glue Gun

mushroom designs for fall COLORWAY STAMP & SEALING WAX SET | MADE IN USA letterseals.com


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