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Addressing + Mailing A Letter

As Western society continues to move along in a digital world, the traditional methods of communication require reteaching to those who where not exposed to them.

This infographic for addressing and mailing a letter in the US could be new information for some, and a refresher for others.

Hand written notes & letters are important!

  • Letters + notes demonstrate the importance of a relationship.
  • A written note or thank you is a way to touch those you love.
  • Writing a letter can make you happier!
  • A personal thank you note is an important way to show appreciation for a gift or effort.
  • What a surprise for someone to find in their mailbox!
  • It is easier than you think!


LetterSeals.com how to address and mail a letter in the US

Mailable Sealing Waxes


Letter Writing Clubs 

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