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Waterstons Scottish<br>Bank of England Wax with Wick <br>Sealing

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Waterstons Scottish
Taper Bankers Wax with Wick
Sealing Wax

  • Each stick is 7.87" | 20cm in length | Sold per stick
  • Please estimate 15-20+ seals per stick.
  • Very strong binding wax which will crack/break when purposefully flexed.
  • Handmade in small batches, with 300+ year old recipe.
  • High gloss finish in rich colors.
  • Choose from red, silver and gold. 

Banker's Wax Traditional Sealing Wax has been popular since 1752.  

Banker's wax is a traditional handmade wax, meaning its purpose is to create a tamper evident closure which provided authenticity of the sender, and will break if opened or tampered with.

This wax has traditionally been used for royal & Catholic ecclesiastical seals.

It is a very smooth, high shine wax handmade in Scotland, which takes wonderfully crisp and detailed impressions.

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