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Sealing Wax Gun

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Sealing Wax Glue Gun Set

Created for those looking for an all inclusive set, we have created our Wax Gun Sealing Set.
Packaged in our durable and reusable zipper carryall, this set easily ships to anywhere in the world for instant use.

Set Includes
* Wax Gun (standard/large size / 120 US voltage)
* 5 Sticks your choice color of Glue Gun Sealing Wax
      - One wax stick will create approximately 8 to 10 seals with a 3/4" wax stamp. 
* Seal Highlighting Ink
* Complete instructions for use

Order any seal on our site to include with the set and create a complete gift!



Wax Colors

Glue Gun Sealing Wax Colors

Ink Colors



Video Demonstration

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