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Interchangeable "Seattle" 3/4" Design Wax Seal

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Interchangeable "Seattle" 3/4" Design Wax Seal Stamp

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Handmade by a local Seattle artist, these rustic stamps are cast in pewter, and plated with nickel.

Each 3/4" coin is threaded to fit its partnered Fleur de Lys handle*.

Easily change images & initials to fit your correspondence and projects.

   Coin : $5.00

+ Handle : $17.00

+ Box & Wax Stick : $19.50


* { Each seal makers handle is unique to their own lines - hence this handle works with the sealing coins from the "Seattle" seal line of designs & initials only. } 


The Open Heart pictured is no longer available.

It has been replaced with a solid heart engraving.

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