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Highlighting Ink

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This ink performs well on waxes, yet we find that our newer Ultimate ink performs better.
We are transitioning to the newer line, and have this line priced to close out.
Once a color is out of stock, it will no longer be available.

Add a wonderful touch to your wax seal with dimensional highlights.

When the seal face is lightly rubbed or dabbed onto the ink pad, the ink will transfer to the recessed areas of the finished wax seal, leaving the raised design free of ink; almost popping out of the seal.
As a extra bonus, our ink also helps release the seal face from the wax.

This ink works best on smaller faces seals (3/4" or smaller).
The ink does not dry immediately on wax surfaces, it may take 24+ hours to completely dry.
Since the ink is applied to the recessed area of the wax seal face, having the ink remain wet does not often present an issue, unless being directly held & touched.

1. Have your wax melted and ready to emboss with your seal.
2. Dab/brush your dry seal onto/across the Ink Pad using even pressure.
3. Smooth the ink onto your seal by gently brushing across the surface of the ink pad, to remove any mottled appearance of excess ink.
Use a very light hand, as excess ink will not dry.
Experiment to find the correct amount to use and still allow for drying.
4. Press your seal with even and gentle pressure into the wax,
allow the wax to set for a moment, then lift the seal straight up to release.
5. Clean your sealing coin face with a damp cloth once finished.

If you find coverage is not as complete as you desire, use a cotton swab to move the ink around as it dries on your seal.
Too much ink used on a seal will not dry.
Experiment to find the correct amount for your desired look.
If too much ink is applied, try wiping with a clean tissue or paper towel.

If ink builds on your seal during prolonged use, take a brief moment to scrub the seal with a non scratch abrasive sponge to break away any residue.

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