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How to use sealing waxes & tools

For someone new to wax sealing, or to using some of our products, there can be a lot of questions - we understand!  The concept for wax sealing is to place hot wax in the area you want the seal to be, pressing a decorative surface into the hot wax, then allowing these two items to rest together long enough for the impression to set into the wax.

The melting of the wax can be done in many different ways:

dripping off of a wick style sealing wax stick.melting a wickless sealing wax stick over a flame and "smearing" the wax onto you projectpre melting the wax in a container and applying with a spoonand our favorite - using a glue gun to "point and shoot" your wax exactly where you need it.

We have listed our differing methods of wax melting and application below, with hopes that explanations are clear, and that the process becomes a fun exercise without any confusion.

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