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Double Sided Interchangeable
Design Wax Seal Stamp

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Imported directly from France, these seals have a double sided seal coin - a two for one!
Unscrew the collar from around the seal, flip the coin over, and reattach the collar.

We package each seal set in a gift organza bag, with directions for creating seals.

Each coin is 3/4" in diameter.
Handle is a high polish metal, standing 2.5" tall, with brass collar fitting.

We package each set in an organza gift bag.
Purchase as a set, or as coin or handle only.

Coins can be purchased singly for $10.00
Handles can be purchased separately for $12.00

Pairs are top & bottom

To purchase the initials, handle, and design coins for this line separately:


Double Sided Monogram Initial Coins
Full Monogram Set
French Monogram & Design Interchangeable Handle

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