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Melting Pot & Melting Spoon & Wax Sets

We have put together a seal production kit, available in many combinations, which will work with both our included waxes, and any other sealing wax.

The Melting Pot is an electric melting tool you can add any wax to (remove any wicks with a toothpick), and spoon onto your project.  

Our Melting Spoon allows you to add a seals worth of wax and melt over a flame to melt. (candle included)


 Kit # Melting Pot

Melting Spoon + Candle

Highlighting Ink

Five Wickless Sealing Wax Sticks

1oz Sealing Wax Beads
1 X X X $19.00
2 X X X $18.50
3 X X X $25.00
4 X X X $24.50
5 X X X X $33.00
6 X X X X $32.50
7 X X X X X $41.00


Order any seal on our site to include with the set and create a complete gift!


Bead Wax Colors

 This image is to illustrate the colors of our Jewel Tone bead wax.  (photo shows stick format)

Jewel Tone Bead Colors 

Stick Wax Colors

.... want more sticks for your set?  Use This Link.



Ink Colors

 Ink Video Demonstration

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