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Sealing Waxes - breakable

We are pleased to offer sealing waxes from around the world.

Some of our waxes have been made for centuries; used by the Kings & Queens of Europe.
Others are new to the world of letter sealing, created to withstand the rigors of the modern post.

No matter what their origin of land or time, all of our waxes have been selected for their beauty and quality.

Our Sealing Wax Comparison Table

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Mailable Waxes
Glue Gun Style Waxes Breakable Waxes Food Contact Rated
Bead Style Waxes Wick Style Waxes Wickless Waxes Vegan Waxes
J. Herbin Cire Nacree is a pearlescent sealing wax created with uplifting colors for celebration. Ideally suited for birthdays, weddings,...

$ 20.00

Banker's Wax Traditional Sealing Wax 1st became popular in 1752,  and has traditionally been used for royal & Catholic ecclesiastical seals....

$ 8.00

Extra long sticks, measuring 8.75" (22cm) long.  Banker's Wax Traditional Sealing Wax has been popular since 1752.  Banker's wax is a...

$ 15.00

J. Herbin Cire Banque is the standard in sealing waxes, andhas remained unchanged since 1670. 10 sticks per original J.Herbin...

From $ 75.00

We have opened our boxed stock of J.Herbin Cire Banque sticks to make them available for purchase by single sticks....

From $ 8.00

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